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Web Development

We are specialised in web development for small to medium sized businesses and start-ups.


E-Learning is a convenient way to ensure your staff is always well trained.


We provide secure and easy to manage e-Commerce solutions. Start your online business today.


Magazines, news letters, manuals – we can help you to publish your documents on the web and mobile devices.

At ELMIMA we pride ourselves to treat every customer as if it is our only customer.

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Welcome to ELMIMA Systems


Get Your Business Connected To The World

Local network

ELMIMA can help you design and implement your local network. Connect workstations via WiFi or Ethernet and share resources throughout the office.

Web Server

For your website to be available at all times, it needs to be hosted on a web server. We can provide, setup and maintain a web server for you or you can subscribe to one of our hosting packages

e-Mail and Collaboration

ELMIMA can provide an email and collaboration server for you with shared calendars, task list, address books etc. It also supports ActiveSync for mobile devices.

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Welcome to ELMIMA Systems